What topics will I learn about in English 3?

American Literature offers selections from a variety of literary genres and expository texts to improve critical thinking, reading comprehension, word analysis, vocabulary development, and literary response and analysis. Units covered will include literature from early America (1700-1800s), the period of Romanticism, works from the Civil War, the period of Realism, and a study of works from the 20th century and 21st century. Each unit will study fictional pieces including short stories, novels, and poetry. Each unit will also evaluate expository text including historical documents, letters, speeches, and memoirs. Students will also read a selection of plays from the 20th and 21st centuries. 

While reading and evaluating literature will be the primary focus of this course, students will develop their writing skills through a variety of compositions. Students will continue to hone skills from previous English courses in areas such as MLA formatting, evaluating and documenting sources, implementing rhetorical devices, organizing ideas, providing evidence, and proving their claims. They will also have opportunities to exercise their creativity through creative compositions including poetry, speech writing, and short story. 

This course will look at expository text through both the written and verbal platform. Students will evaluate what was written, how it was written, to whom it was written, and what the purpose of the text was. Students will also evaluate verbal text, body language, tone of voice, forms of persuasion, and response from an audience. This will culminate in a project where students research a topic of interest, develop a written speech, and then publicly record their recitation of their speech.