What topics will I learn about in Foundations in Writing?

Students in this course will learn to write for a variety of purposes: to reflect, inform, explain, evaluate, judge, inquire, analyze, interpret, and take a stand. Students will improve the mechanics in their writing through a formal study of English grammar.  

Students will approach the literature they read from a biblical worldview that focuses both on analyzing the author’s techniques and styles as well as responding to and applying the themes of the literature to their own life experiences.  Students in this course will engage in reading, planning, composing, revising, and editing.  They will work independently as well as collaboratively.  They will experience a variety of instructional methods including lectures with visual components, discussion forums, peer response groups, quizzes, and process writing.  

Students who successfully complete this course will:

  • Write effectively for a variety of purposes.
  • Understand English grammar and mechanics.
  • Edit their own and others’ writing.
  • Read and respond to literature from a Biblical worldview.
  • Recognize and analyze basic literary elements.
  • Expand their vocabulary through studying words in context of their reading.

This course is meant to provide students with a solid foundation in writing, grammar, and literature study upon which they can build in subsequent high school English courses.