What topics will I learn about in German 2?

This German 2 class begins with a short review of the grammar learned in German 1, then quickly moves on to more advanced grammar.  

This course will enrich your student's vocabulary and teach complex sentence formulation, simple past tense, past perfect tense, adverbs, accusative, dative and genitive cases, coordinating conjunctions, prepositions, and imperative.  

The weekly live class sessions focus on introducing new grammar and practicing conversational skills. Live classes will feature famous German-speaking composers and their works.

Homework will reinforce the grammar introduced each week.  Students will enjoy practicing their German skills using periodic games.

Each week, students will also be asked to listen to or watch ERF Christian German TV/Radio, which are streamed live.  

Throughout the year, students will also learn about will also look at German traditions and history. German 2 students will study short passages and poetry in German for reading comprehension.