What topics will I learn about in Graphic & Web Design?

Graphic & Web Design is an introduction to front-end web development. Students will code a website using HTML and CSS, and design graphics using image editing software.

In the first section of the course the student will get familiar with the planning, creation, production and maintenance phases of web design. Very early in the course the student will be exposed to HTML & CSS which will enable them to code a fully fledged website. The students will also be familiarized with some more advanced languages that give websites some interactivity like Javascript. The first section will be finalized with tools for easy development like Bootstrap and Zurb Foundation.

In the second part of the course the student will get familiar with design concepts, tools to design with and of course will get started designing their own art in the form of logos, brochures and eventually professional mockups that they can use to create websites.

Every student will have a professional looking website at the end of the course that will also function as their practical final assignment.