What topics will I learn about in Pre-Algebra?

Pre-Algebra is the bridge from arithmetic to algebra, and this course is specifically designed to prepare students for a seamless transition between elementary arithmetic and Algebra 1 and Algebra 2. Students in Pre-Algebra will learn to:

  • Explain, classify, and perform basic operations on the set of real numbers without the use of a calculator.
  • Solve simple one-variable equations.
  • Solve, check, and graph basic linear equations and inequalities.
  • Translate verbal expressions into algebraic expressions, equations, and/or inequalities.
  • Use various problem-solving strategies to solve real-life applications.
  • Use ratios, proportions, and percents to solve problems.
  • Use and apply properties and formulas to solve geometric problems.

Throughout this mathematical journey, students will also be encouraged to view the material from a Biblical perspective. Important scriptures will be referenced as connections are made between these mathematical concepts and the world God created. Making these connections, as well as discussing and practicing their real-world applications, brings relevancy to otherwise unfeeling and abstract ideas and practices.