What topics will I learn about in SAT Prep Genius?

This eight-week course will cover the different sections and question types found on theSAT®, ACT®, and PSAT/NMSQT®. Students will learn how to approach these questions with different strategies and navigate them with ease.

- Reading -
Students learn how to cut the time per question in half, so they can finish all the questions correctly and on time. Rather than approaching the reading section as if they were in English class, they will learn what content to look for, what information is superfluous, and exactly what they need to read.

- Math -
Students don't receive any credit for working out math problems the long way on the SAT®. In SAT® Prep Genius, students learn techniques that will shortcut their work and help them find the right answers quickly. For example, students will learn rhymes to help them with Geometry problems, learn how to answer each question without a calculator, and learn to feel confident even if a question contains an unknown concept.

- Writing and Language -
Students will learn about three types of questions that correlate to four passages with underlined portions. The curriculum will show students which questions focus on grammar, style, or analysis.