What topics will I learn about in Spanish 1?

Spanish 1 is a full-year course in which students begin their study of basic Spanish language and Hispanic cultures.

  • Students build novice skills and confidence in speaking, listening, reading, and writing in the Spanish language. They also learn the basics of Spanish pronunciation, accentuation, grammar, and spelling.

  • The course emphasizes recognition of  patterns of verb formation in the present, past, future, and conditional, imperative, and subjunctive moods.

  • In the course students will: communicate orally in common social situations, understand speech on topics dealing with present, past and future situations, understand questions and directions, fulfill basic writing needs, understand simple texts, become accustomed to speaking with native speakers of Spanish, and gain a basic structure upon which to build further study and experience in the language.

  • Students will be able to discuss their basic needs and wants, activities, verses and biblical passages, family, and everyday life. Special focus is given to language used to worship Jesus Christ so students can provide their testimony in order to share the gospel in Spanish.

  • Students learn a variety of cultural aspects of Hispanic cultures. They also learn how to read Bible verses and listen to Christian worship songs in Spanish.

  • Instruction in the live courses is delivered in English and in Spanish.

  • This course prepares students for HSLDA Online Academy’s Spanish 2 course.