What topics will I learn about in Spanish 2?

Spanish 2 is a full-year course in which students learn novice-low to intermediate communicative skills as well as advanced topics in Hispanic cultures. The course builds on the foundations learned in HSLDA Online Academy's Spanish 1.

  • By the end of this course, students will have all the tools for basic conversation, writing, and reading comprehension in Spanish. This course also presents prayers in Spanish.

  • Students will learn to navigate conversations in the following contexts: doctor’s office, cars and repair, hotels, a bank, phone conversations, the mission field, clothing and personal necessities, a restaurant, and family.

  • Students will be able to read and understand non-adapted biblical texts in Spanish, including the entire book of Mark. They will also read excerpts of Spanish literature, such as poetry and short stories.

  • Students will build on their knowledge of grammar as they develop in fluency. They will also be able to describe a sequence of events in the past using different past tenses, and review the present and future tenses, and subjunctive, conditional, and imperative moods learned in Spanish 1.

  • Instruction in the live courses is delivered in English with increasing amounts in Spanish.

  • This course prepares students for Spanish 3.