What topics will I learn about in Spanish 3?

Spanish 3 is a full-year course in which students learn intermediate-low to intermediate-high communicative skills as well as advanced topics in Hispanic cultures. The course builds on the foundations learned in HSLDA Online Academy Spanish 2.

  • This is a high school-level course for students who have completed 2 years of high school level Spanish or have shown sufficient skill and fluency to be part of the course. Students are expected to read and comprehend at a high school level, to study independently, and to keep up with course assignments.

  • This course includes reading an adaptation of Don Quixote, authentic music from Spanish-speaking countries, poetry analysis, and several short stories.

  • Students will create a personal vocabulary for prayer and testimony.

  • Students will converse strategically about a broad variety of topics using common conversational tools.

  • The concepts we study will often be compared to and measured against the biblical worldview. Therefore, examples in the lectures, some of the assigned readings, or portions of the examinations will ask students to approach the course material through the lens of one who shares this worldview.

  • Instruction in the live courses is delivered primarily in Spanish.