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Earn & Learn

Welcome to the Earn & Learn Program!

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You can earn rewards by telling your friends about the Academy! Here's how it works:

1. Join free here to receive a coupon code. 

2. Share the code with your friends.

3. Earn $30 for each friend you refer. Plus, your friend receives a $30 discount! 

4. Refer 4 friends to earn a free course!


Become an Earn & Learn Representative today!

Phone: 540-338-8290
Email: academy@hslda.org

Already paid for a course this school year? No problem!

When you earn a free course, we’ll give you a refund!  See “How can I use my free tuition voucher?” below for more details.

Earn & Learn Program FAQs
  • How can I become an Earn & Learn Representative?

    It’s easy to participate in Earn & Learn.

    1. Apply online. First, fill out the one-page application form and submit it online.

    2. Receive your code. Within a week after you apply, we’ll send you an email with your unique Earn & Learn promo code. We’ll also send you some promotional materials to make it easy to tell your friends, acquaintances, social media connections—or anyone else—about the Academy.

    3. Start sharing. As soon as you receive your code, it’s ready to use.

  • Who is eligible to be an Earn & Learn Representative?

    Almost anyone can become a representative, with two main conditions: (1) you must be 16 years old or older (applicants under 18 will need a parent or guardian’s signature) and (2) you must live in the United States. A complete explanation can be found in the Earn & Learn Program Terms and Conditions.

  • Do I have what it takes to earn rewards through Earn & Learn?


    Are you an Academy student, alumnus, or parent? You can speak from your personal experience as you tell others about the courses.

    Are you a leader in the homeschool community? Share information about HSLDA Online Academy in your newsletter, on your website, or on a social media page, and you can earn a commission while also letting your group members know about a great resource for high school homeschooling. 

    Are you new to the Academy? You can participate too. If you’d like to talk to someone first to learn more about our courses, please contact us.

  • What do I receive when students sign up for courses using my code?

    Each new, first-time HSLDA Online Academy student who signs up with your code and stays enrolled through the end of the add/drop period earns you a $30 commission. You’ll receive a commission even if only one student registers, and there’s no limit to the number of students who can sign up with your code.

    For every four unique new students associated with your code, you have the option to receive either four $30 commissions ($120) or a free tuition voucher ($300+ value), which can be used toward any one HSLDA Online Academy course. 

    Here are some examples of what you could earn:

    Number of Signups

    Compensation Options Available

    2 new students $60 (2 commissions x $30)
    4 new students Option 1: $120 (4 commissions x $30)
    Option 2: 1 free tuition voucher (value: $300+)
    8 new students Option 1: $240 (8 commissions x $30)
    Option 2: $120 (4 commissions x $30) and 1 free tuition voucher (value: $300+)
    Option 3: 2 free tuition vouchers (value: $600+)
  • Can any student who signs up with my code count toward my commission?

    Most people who use your code will count toward your commission as well as receive a special benefit for themselves. However, while any student can use your code, not every student will cause you to earn a commission. 

    Here are a few examples of students who would not count toward your total commissions for the year: 

    1. You, the Earn & Learn Representative, can sign up for courses, but you will not receive a commission for your own course registration.

    2. Your immediate family members (children, siblings, etc.) will also not count toward your commission. 

    3. Returning students—those who have previously enrolled in a course through HSLDA Online Academy (formerly known as Patrick Henry College Preparatory Academy)—will not count toward your commission.

    4. Students who withdraw from all their courses and receive a tuition refund will not be counted. For this reason, the total amount of your commission for the year is finalized only after the spring-semester add/drop period ends. 

  • How do my friends benefit from using my code?

    When your friends use your unique Earn & Learn code, they’ll receive a special benefit with HSLDA Online Academy, such as a discount or coupon. 

    Current offer: This year—any time between right now and January 2, 2025—your code will give students a $30 discount on the total cost of their HSLDA Online Academy registration. 

  • How will I receive my commission?

    Commissions will be paid once per program year after the spring-semester add/drop period ends. 

    If three or fewer new students have signed up using your code, we’ll send you your commission check in the mail in or around the month of February. 

    If four or more new students have signed up using your code, you’ll receive an email asking whether you’d like to receive a free tuition voucher or a commission check. If we don’t hear back from you, we’ll default to sending you a commission check only.

  • How can I use my free tuition voucher?

    Your free tuition voucher can be used toward any one course (one-semester or yearlong) offered through HSLDA Online Academy. The voucher must be used within one year of the date of issue. 

    Current offer: If you have already paid for a 2024–25 course, a free tuition voucher may be used to receive a refund for the cost of the already-purchased course. 

    Or, the free tuition voucher may be used to register for a 2025–26 course. 

    Please note: Courses taken during earlier academic years (such as the 2023–24 academic year) will not be refunded on the basis of a tuition voucher.

  • Do you have materials to help me share about HSLDA Online Academy with others?

    Yes—after you apply and we send you your code, we’ll also send you some sample wording to make it easy to share information about HSLDA Online Academy in your own communities and networks. In the future, whenever we have new promotional materials or resources for you to use, we’ll send you information about how to access them. 

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