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U.S. Government and Politics

Master Teacher:  Frank Guliuzza, PhD

GuliuzzaMaster Teacher

Frank Guliuzza, PhD

PhD, University of Notre Dame
MDiv, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
BA and MA, University of Wyoming

 Dr. Guliuzza is the Dean of Academic Affairs at Patrick Henry College and a professor of government. He is a well-known scholar in the field of government. An expert in constitutional law, he has published widely on the First Amendment (including his book Over the Wall: Protecting Religious Expression in the Public Square), the separation of church and state, and the role of Christians in political activism.

Dr. Guliuzza received the John S. Hinckley Award as the outstanding faculty member at Weber State University (2003). He was named Utah Professor of the Year by the Carnegie Foundation (2003). He has been recognized four times by the American Political Science Association for “Outstanding Teaching in Political Science” (2000, 2003, 2004, and 2008).

Dr. Guliuzza previously served as president of the Pre-Law Advisors’ National Council and is on the executive boards of the American Mock Trial Association and the American Collegiate Moot Court Association (currently serving as ACMA President). A successful moot court and mock trial coach at Weber State and PHC, he is the co-coach of the four-time defending moot court champions and has led his teams into the top ten at the national mock trial tournaments, coaching scores of students who were either all-American or all-regional competitors. He has also taught at Wheaton College, the University of Minnesota, and Vassar College.

Beyond his academic accomplishments, Dr. Guliuzza has extensive practical political experience. He was vice-chairman of the Utah Republican Party and ran for election to the United States Senate, though he was defeated by Orrin Hatch. At PHC, he advises students who plan to attend law school. In addition to coaching moot court and mock trial, he teaches classes at all levels for the Government major.

Dr. Guliuzza has worked with HSLDA Online Academy since 2009.

Classroom Teacher:  Sarah Majeske

Ben GuidoClassroom Teacher

Sarah Majeske

MA, Regent University
M.Ed., Touro University International
BA, The Master's College

Sarah Majeske holds a master of arts in curriculum and instruction, and a master of arts in government with concentrations in public administration and political theory. She has experience teaching at the community college level, both onsite and in various online platforms. She earned both master's degrees online and understands firsthand how impactful online education can be.

In her passion for political science and government, Sarah knows that the call for Christians to be public servants is great and necessary. Learning from a Christian perspective plays a vital role in the maturing of Christian servants.

Sarah homeschools her four children and participates in a homeschool co-op. She also volunteers at her church in the children's program and the coffee bar, about which she is equally passionate. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, exercising, reading, baking, and traveling.

Sarah has been teaching with the Academy since 2017.

Classroom Teacher:  Stephanie Guido

Stephanie GuidoClassroom Teacher

Stephanie Guido

BA, Patrick Henry College

Stephanie Guido teaches Personal Finance & Accounting and AP® US Government for HSLDA Online Academy. Her experience in both subjects is extensive.

At the age of 16, Stephanie began work for an accounting firm, where she quickly progressed from copying tax documents, to filing tax reports, balancing monthly client bank accounts in QuickBooks, and compiling financial services portfolios. Within a year of starting work, Stephanie was hired by her church to do their monthly bookkeeping and yearly accounting reports. Since that time, Stephanie has worked as an independent contractor, managing bookkeeping, payroll, and tax forms for multiple companies. She also completed a Financial Peace University course as a high schooler and used the lessons she learned there in managing her own finances, remaining debt-free through college.

She holds a BA in government from Patrick Henry College, graduating summa cum laude with highest honors. During her time at PHC, Stephanie participated in Moot Court, interned in Care Net’s legal department, and fulfilled her childhood dream of working on Capitol Hill by interning in Congressman Trent Franks’s (AZ) office. After college, she worked for the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, providing administrative support for the Commission on Non-Profit Accountability, commissioned by Senator Grassley. In this role, she worked with legal, religious, and non-profit experts from across the country to help religious non-profit organizations improve their internal regulation standards.

Prior to coming on campus at PHC, Stephanie completed twenty-seven PHC distance learning credits, so she has experienced online classes from a student’s perspective and is committed to cultivating a rich interactive experience and prompt teacher responses.

Stephanie lives in Texas with her husband Ben, a doctoral candidate in philosophy at Baylor University, and their two children, Rowena and Cedric. When Stephanie has any free time, she enjoys reading, baking, hiking, jigsaw puzzling, and tabletop gaming.

Stephanie has been teaching with the Academy since 2015.

Duration: Yearlong course offered in fall/spring (32 weeks).
Suggested High School Credit Value: 1 credit.
Suggested Grade Level: 11th grade level and up.
Early Registration Tuition (ends 3/21): $525 $625 for HSLDA Members/$625 $725 for non-members.  

Description: In AP® U.S. Government and Politics, students learn about the origins of the American political system, citizens’ rights and liberties, the three branches of government, parties and elections, policymaking, and how a biblical worldview shapes our understanding of governance and political life.

AP® U.S. Government and Politics
Live Online Class Session Schedule, 
August 27, 2018 - April 29, 2019

Class Section

Weekly Meeting Time


Section 1
Mondays, 3:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Eastern

Ms. Sarah Majeske

Section 2 Tuesdays, 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. Eastern

Mrs. Stephanie Guido

Section 3
Wednesdays, 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Eastern

Ms. Miriam McElvain

ALL Sections Combined Class Sessions:
Most but not all weeks
Additional class times will be added as they become available for registration. If you have questions, please call 540-338-8290 or email academy@hslda.org.

Frequently Asked Questions 
about AP® U.S. Government & Politics

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  • What topics will I learn about in U.S. Government and Politics?

    This course is designed to introduce students to government and politics in the United States and how to approach related issues from a biblical worldview. By the end of the course, students should be able to answer the following questions:

    • What are generally regarded as the theoretical origins of our American government?
    • How do the structure and logic of American government reflect biblical insights?
    • Can the United States accurately be considered a government “by the people”?
    • What rights and liberties do we have that transcend the will of the majority?
    • How does government engage in public policy, and what are the important areas of policy that claim the time and attention of the national government?
    • What are the basic institutions of government?

    The course seeks to answer these questions primarily through readings, lectures, and online class discussions.

  • How much homework is in U.S. Government and Politics?

    AP® U.S. Government and Politics is a rigorous, college-level course. The College Board recommends this course and corresponding AP® exam for advanced 11th grade students and up.

    We estimate that the course workload will take 10+ hours per week.

    During a typical week in this course, students will complete the following coursework:

    • 60–90 minutes of live class instruction
    • Lecture video
    • ~20-40 pages textbook reading
    • 1-2 chapters of non-textbook reading
    • Weekly worksheet

    Throughout the year, students will also complete the following tasks:

    • 4 book reviews (5-6 page essay)
    • Unit exam every 5 weeks (Year total: 5)
    • Final exam
  • Am I ready to take U.S. Government and Politics?

    This is a rigorous, college-level course. HSLDA Online Academy recommends that students complete at least one other course in a relevant subject before enrolling. Relevant subjects include U.S. government, U.S. history, and civics. Please visit the College Board page about AP® U.S. Government and Politics for more information about the material and skills students will study in the course and will need to master for the AP® exam in this subject.

    Still have questions about whether you are ready for an AP® course? Please visit our Academic Readiness page for more information.

  • What if I have a schedule conflict with listed U.S. Government class times?

    All live class sessions are recorded for later viewing. While it is recommended that students attend each live class session, students can make arrangements with their instructors to watch the recordings and receive full participation credit.

    Students should contact their instructor at the start of their course to inform the instructor of any foreseen schedule conflicts.  

  • What is a Live Online Class Session in U.S. Government and Politics?

    In every HSLDA Academy course, students meet weekly with their instructor and classmates in an online classroom for additional teaching, discussion, Q&A, or group activities. The class sessions are interactive and are conducted using a web meeting software with video, audio, chat, and application sharing capabilities.

    Scheduled, real-time sessions in the online classroom are not the only form of instruction available in a HSLDA Online Academy course, but are offered in addition to lectures or other instructional materials that students are able to access online at their convenience.

    When they register, students will need to select a particular class section and live class meeting time. Additional class sections may be added to the schedule at a later point in the course registration period. Registered students will be notified of any changes to the live session schedule.

    Please Note: In addition to meeting on a weekly basis with their classroom instructor, students from each class section will attend additional live class sessions. These sessions will occur roughly three times per month and will feature Dr. Frank Guliuzza, the course Master Teacher.

  • What is the tuition for U.S. Government and Politics?

    Please visit our tuition and discounts page for a full summary about course costs.

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