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Master Teacher:  Angela Ellis

Angela Ellis, High School Classroom Teacher for Algebra 2

Master Teacher

Angela Ellis

MA, George Mason University
BA, George Mason University

Angela Ellis earned a bachelor’s in mathematics and a master’s in education from George Mason University. She has twenty years of experience teaching secondary math courses from pre-algebra through pre-calculus. Mrs. Ellis has taught math classes at a local school, on online programs, and as a homeschooling mother. She enjoys meeting the challenges that are unique to each learning environment.

Angela currently lives in Loudoun County, Virginia, with her husband and three very active boys. She has a passion for finding mathematics everywhere and for sharing her enthusiasm with anyone who will listen. As Galileo so wisely noted, "Mathematics is the alphabet with which God wrote the universe." Angela holds that little nugget of wisdom to be a profound influence behind her teaching and her own love of learning and loves nothing more than to help other people see just how true that statement proves to be.

Angela is the Course Developer and Master Teacher of the Academy’s Geometry course, as well as the Master Teacher for Algebra 2. Prior to her work in these courses, she taught Algebra 1 for the Academy to become familiar with our math program as a whole. She has been teaching with the Academy since 2015.


Classroom Teacher:  Adrienne Green

Adrienne Green, High School Classroom Teacher for GeometryClassroom Teacher

Adrienne Green

MA, American College of Education
BS, University of Southern California

Adrienne Green earned a bachelor of science in business administration with an emphasis in finance from the University of Southern California, and a master’s in education from the American College of Education, an online program. Her experience as an online student influences her methods as an instructor.

Adrienne has taught secondary math courses in California and Virginia school systems, teaching a variety of math classes and levels. She enjoys teaching with HSLDA Online Academy because students come from diverse backgrounds and locations, making for a fun and informative class environment!

Adrienne lives in Loudoun County, Virginia, with her husband and two children, where she utilizes her math skills in running her family's farm. She is passionate about math as she uses it every day on the farm, from doing the finances to building structures and constructing fences.

Adrienne has been teaching with the Academy since 2016.

Classroom Teacher:  Daniel O'Connor

Daniel O'Connor, High School Classroom Teacher for GeometryClassroom Teacher

Daniel O'Connor

MA, Holy Apostles College & Seminary
BS, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Daniel O'Connor earned his bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) and his master's degree in philosophical theology from Holy Apostles College & Seminary. He worked in the corporate engineering industry before moving on to non-profit charitable work, helping to found and run the John Bosco House for homeless young men.

Daniel has been honored to teach high school students in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and SAT preparation. He also teaches philosophy at the college level. He has been teaching online for over four years and comes highly recommended by his students for his ability to engage and explain in the online environment.

He currently lives in Albany, NY, with his wife and three children. In his free time, Daniel enjoys engineering work for his own hobby innovation company, renovating his 100-year-old fixer-upper home, and, above all, spending time in prayer.

Daniel has been teaching with the Academy since 2016.

Duration: Yearlong course offered in fall/spring (32 weeks).
Suggested High School Credit Value: 1 credit.
Suggested Grade Level: 9th grade level and up.
Early Registration Tuition (ends 6/12): $475 $525 for HSLDA Members/$525 $575 for non-members. 

Description: In Geometry, students will learn two- and three-dimensional thinking skills, coordinate and transformational geometry, and the use of geometric models to solve problems.
Watch a short introduction from Course Developer Angela Ellis.
Watch a sample clip of an Academy live class session. 

Geometry — Live Online Class Session Schedule,
August 27, 2018 - April 26, 2019

Class Section

Weekly Meeting Time


Section 1 Mondays, 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Eastern

Mrs. Adrienne Green

Section 2

Tuesdays, 12:00 – 1:30 p.m. Eastern

Mrs. Angela Ellis

Section 3
Wednesdays, 12:00 – 1:30 p.m. Eastern

Mrs. Angela Ellis

Section 4 Wednesdays, 2:30 – 4:00 p.m. Eastern

Mr. Daniel O'Connor

Additional class times will be added as they become available for registration.  If you have questions, please call 540-338-8290.

Frequently Asked Questions about Geometry

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  • What topics will I learn about in Geometry?

    Geometry at HSLDA Online Academy emphasizes two- and three-dimensional reasoning skills, coordinate and transformational geometry, and the use of geometric models to solve problems. Students will use a variety of applications and some general problem-solving techniques, including algebraic skills, to explore geometric relationships. Students will develop conjectures about properties and relationships inductively and then verify them deductively.

    Geometry can be considered to be the visual study of shapes, sizes, patterns, and positions. In this course, students will explore spatial sense and geometric reasoning while developing problem solving skills in real life.

    By the end of the course, students should be able to:

    • Solve practical problems involving angles
    • Use angle relationships to determine if two lines are parallel
    • Perform a variety of geometric constructions
    • Construct and judge the validity of a logical argument
    • Investigate, identify, and prove congruence and similarity
    • Apply the Triangle Inequality properties to solve practical problems
    • Solve practical problems involving right triangles
    • Investigate/identify/prove/use properties of quadrilaterals
    • Use polygon interior and exterior angle measures to solve problems
    • Investigate and solve practical problems involving circles
    • Use formulas for surface area and volume to solve problems
    • Make a model of a 3-d figure from a 2-d drawing and vice versa
    • Use proportional reasoning/determine effect of change to one dimension
    • Solve problems involving symmetry and transformations
  • How much homework is in Geometry?

    We estimate that the course workload will take 5-10 hours per week.

    During a typical week in this course, students will complete the following coursework:

    • 60-90 minutes of live class instruction
    • 1-2 lecture videos
    • IXL practice problems (no set number to complete)
    • 1 quiz
    • Discussion forum

    Throughout the year, students will also complete the following tasks:

    • Unit test every 2-3 weeks
    • Midterm exam and final exam
  • Am I ready to take Geometry?

    Students entering Geometry should have completed an Algebra 1 course. Students should also have a concrete knowledge of arithmetic operations and applying these operations to the real number system including integers and rational numbers. Students should also have a firm foundation regarding absolute value, square rooting, taking squares of numbers, place value, properties, and solving linear and quadratic equations.

    Please visit our Academic Readiness page for more information.

  • What is a Live Online Class Session in Geometry?

    In every HSLDA Academy course, students meet weekly with their instructor and classmates in an online classroom for additional teaching, discussion, Q&A, or group activities. The class sessions are interactive and are conducted using a web meeting software with video, audio, chat, and application sharing capabilities.

    Scheduled, real-time sessions in the online classroom are not the only form of instruction available in a HSLDA Online Academy course, but are offered in addition to lectures or other instructional materials that students are able to access online at their convenience.

    When they register, students will need to select a particular class section and live class meeting time. Additional class sections may be added to the schedule at a later point in the course registration period. Registered students will be notified of any changes to the live session schedule.

  • What if I have a schedule conflict with the listed Geometry class time?

    All live class sessions are recorded for later viewing. While it is recommended that students attend each live class session, students can make arrangements to watch the recordings and receive full participation credit.

    Students should contact their instructor at the start of their course to inform the instructor of any foreseen schedule conflicts. 

  • What is the tuition for Geometry?

    Please visit our tuition and discounts page for a full summary about course costs.

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